How To Use Stickers For A Successful Business?

What most owners of businesses and local retail stores do not understand is the power of stickers. What stickers actually do is to create a bond with your target audience so that they feel a kind of loyalty to your brand or company. In this article, we shall see how businesses can use stickers to gather a more loyal customer base.

Creating a sticker

how to use stickers for a successful business

Assuming that your business has a logo, it is obvious that the logo should be displayed on the sticker. Many people do not prefer it if the name of the brand is displayed on the sticker unless owning suck a sticker is a symbol of prestige. For example, consider the apple sticker. Every time you get an apple phone or any other apple gadget, a couple of stickers are included in the box. The sticker itself feels unique and elite. The sticker is in the shape of the apple logo (a bitten apple) and many people stick it on their cars, motorbikes, laptops and many other products. And every time some other individual sees the sticker, it acts as a reminder of the brand. But apple is one of the best examples of such a trend in recent times. So start handing out stickers for your brand. Make sure that the stickers are designed in the most unique, innovative and creative manner so that it looks attractive. So when customers display your stickers, they are also acting as promoters of your brand. So if a customer walks into your store with your brand sticker stuck to his bag or laptop, thank him to let him know that his small gesture is well appreciated by you.

Purpose of the sticker

how to use stickers for a successful business

Before you design the sticker, you have to clearly define what you want the sticker to do. Usually, stickers are intended to just be a reminder of the brand. It is based on the concept that if potential customers look at advertisements or any kind of display of a particular brand multiple times a day, they are subconsciously more inclined to try out the brand even if it is completely new to them. So put effort into handing out stickers to as many people as you can. And also, there is another thing called seasonal stickers. This is a sticker that will not really work for your brand all throughout the year. Let us assume that you are having a Christmas sale and that is what you want to propagate. So your sticker can have your logo so that people know it’s you and also have a Christmas tree or Santa Claus, so that people know that there’s something special for Christmas. Also, remember to start handing out these stickers at least a month in advance. Make sure that your sticker looks attractive and has just enough design and details. It will not stay in the minds of your potential customers if it looks too cramped.

Now, let us see what kind of stickers businesses can hand out to ensure that their product or service is promoted to its complete potential.

Bumper Stickers

how to use stickers for a successful business

Most of our lives are spent stuck in traffic. And the one thing that we all look at or rather, we all are forced to look at when we are stuck in traffic is the bumper of the car in front of us. And if you make bumper stickers for cars, and if people like it enough to stick it on their precious cars, you can be sure that scores of people will see it everyday and at least half of them will remember it when they see it again. And also, make sure you create bumper stickers in different colours so that customers pick one that suit their car, that is, if they have a choice. And it would also help if you can work out a small funny illustration that would go well with a car bumper and also emphasise on your brand in a major way.

Envelope Stickers

how to use stickers for a successful business

As a business, you may be sending packages and letters/papers to many individuals or other businesses. And if you don’t want to print envelopes with your company name, logo and address on it, you can just get a sticker with all these details and just stamp it on the envelopes. This will also be a very modern way of communication. This will also look fancier than written addresses on the envelope. Instead of addresses and other business details, you can also just stick a sticker with your brand logo on all envelopes that you send to clients and potential customers.

Store Display

how to use stickers for a successful business

If your business deals with some kind of product that is sold at a store. You can use various colourful and interactive stickers to communicate with your customers about store details such as opening and closing hours, seasonal sales, your job openings or even just to say that you have free wifi. Customers these days, definitely enjoy interactive and illustrative stickers rather than just boring ones that just give you the opening and closing time. But make sure whatever display sticker to put at the store front goes with the decorum of the place. Something drastically out of place, may not look great either.

Laptop Decals

How to use stickers for a successful business

Laptop decals are another trend that is catching on these days. Designing your decal to suit the front side of a laptop in an attractive manner so that people are not only tempted to get it but also use it. And also keep in mind that it is not always that you can design your own decal in such a way that everyone will be tempted to actually use it. So design one that works around a logo. And you will also have to design laptop decals with specific designs for different models of laptops under different brands. Also, some decal designs may work well with a particular brand and not others. For example, there are a lot of decal designs that are specially suited for the apple logo that lights up and will not go with other laptop models.

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